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Why switch from one-time-use to reusable transport packaging?

Many businesses are making the decision to switch to reusable containers (totes, boxes, and bins), reusable pallets, for multi-trip shipping. Employing durable materials allows for return shipments of empty transport components for repeated use.

These reusable distribution containers and pallets are ideal for picking orders, storing product, manufacturing applications and closed-loop distribution. Reusable plastic totes can also be used in an open-loop system with the proper logistics and tracking protocol in place to ensure return of empty plastic hand-held containers. Reusable Transport Packaging can help your company set-up a reusable plastic container system.

We can provide info on bar coding labeling, tracking, cleaning/repair, recycling and all disciplines of proper implementation of a reusable plastic distribution container system. We would enjoy the opportunity to review your current expendable corrugated packing or your plastic reusable plastic packaging container system to suggest your company optimize your distribution container program.

Reusable Transport Packaging may even recommend that we purchase your current plastic container system and we recycle the containers that have exceeded their life expectancy. Reusable Transport Packaging can even find a home for your unwanted containers. Contact RTP to discuss your current plastic reusable container system, your requirements and perhaps how we can help you improve your return while reducing waste and increasing your company’s productivity.


Reusable transport packaging benefits and advantages

Generally, a company will make the switch to reusable transport packaging when it is less expensive to use than one-time or limited-use transport packaging. There are many opportunities for companies to save money with reusables.

The primary cost-saving area is from elimination of the purchase and disposal costs of one-time or limited-use packaging.

Secondary savings opportunities include:

  • Lower labor costs
  • Decreased product damage costs
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Fewer workers’ compensation claims

Typically, reusable transport packaging has a higher initial cost than one-time or limited-use transport packaging, because it is designed and manufactured with more durable, longer-lasting materials.

Other costs may include new material  handling equipment and storage systems, reverse logistics (the return transportation of empty reusable packaging components), maintenance and repair, and asset tracking and depreciation.

However, these costs are offset by the savings opportunities. The frequency of reuse over the extended useful life of the packaging determines your return on investment (ROI) for the higher cost of reusable transport packaging: The greater the frequency of reuse, the faster the return on investment.