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Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets are the sustainable alternative to wooden pallets.  Plastic Pallets are available in many different sizes and configurations to meet a broad range of industry applications. Plastic pallets can be injection-molded, roto or rotational molded, structural-foam molded, thermo or vacuum formed or custom fabricated.  Plastic pallets are available in nestable, stackable, and rackable versions.  Plastic pallets can hold up to as much as 100,000lbs although most average 30,000 – 40,000lbs.  Plastic Skids offer many performance, monetary, and safety advantages over wooden pallets. Plastic Pallets are molded from durable plastic resins that allow them to out-perform and out-live standard wooden pallets. Plastic Pallets are smooth, consistent and cleaner than wooden pallets.  Plastic skids allow you to redirect capital normally associated with repairing wooden pallets.  Plastic shipping pallets are compatible with most forklifts, pallet jacks and automated palletizers.  Plastic pallets cut operating costs while improving work environment quality and they eliminate wood waste.

Many distribution centers and manufacturers have found that implementing a reusable plastic pallet system has greatly reduced costly disposal associated with the use of expendable, wooden pallet.  These reusable plastic pallets also bring a uniform, organized and “well-kept” look to the warehouse and retail environment.  

Environmentally-Friendly Packaging - More and more companies are taking their eco and social responsibility serious.  By utilizing reusable plastic pallets green minded companies are reducing the amount of landfill waste that leaves their facilities.  Reusable plastic pallet programs enable these companies to make a huge impact globally.  They are tackling this issue by introducing green reusable/sustainable plastic pallet programs which focus on the use of returnable plastic pallets that are deigned for long-term reusability.  These plastic pallets are 100% recyclable so they can be ground up and fed back into the system to become another plastic pallet, reusable plastic bulk container, plastic distribution container or some other useful product.

These reusable plastic pallets are ideal for staging, storing and shipping all sorts of manufacturing and closed-loop distribution applications. Reusable plastic pallets can also be used in an open-loop system with the proper logistics and tracking protocol in place to ensure return of reusable plastic pallets.  Reusable Transport Packaging can help your company set-up a reusable plastic pallet system.  We can provide info on bar coding labeling, tracking, cleaning/repair, recycling and all disciplines of proper implementation of a reusable plastic pallet system.  We would enjoy the opportunity to review your current pallet system to make suggestions of how your company can optimize your current pallet program.  Contact RTP to discuss your current pallet system, your requirements and perhaps how we can help you improve your return while reducing waste and increasing your company’s productivity.