Plastic Boxes, Bins, Totes & Dunnage

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Corrugated Plastic is an integral part of reusable/returnable/sustainable packaging. Corrugated plastic containers are the smart, reusable alternative to using cardboard and often wooden packaging.  Corrugated plastic bins outlast and outperform traditional expendable packaging such as cardboard and wood.  Plus, corrugated plastic packaging is much cheaper on a cost-per-trip basis and 100% recyclable which is a must in our environmentally conscious society.  Cost-per-trip studies show that consumers can save up to 70% in normal costs related to packaging when converting from cardboard to corrugated plastic.

Corrugated plastic boxes, containers, totes, bulk bins, and shippers can be designed to mimic your current cardboard or wooden packaging.  The moving industry has started using reusable plastic moving boxes made from corrugated plastic for rental programs. You don’t have to compromise your established “pack-out” when switching to your new sustainable/reusable corrugated plastic program.  Corrugated plastic containers retain their strength, shape, and integrity when exposed to moisture providing superior product protection.  This also improves the working environment and worker safety for employees since the corrugated plastic boxes hold-up when cardboard boxes fail.

Corrugated plastic cartons can be designed to be collapsible so they can fold flat during return shipping or any periods of non-use. Various corrugated plastic container styles are available (see below) and the material itself is available in Conductive, Anti-Static, Flame Resistant and/or UV Resistant blends.


Corrugated Plastic Container Advantages:

  • * More durable than cardboard
  • * Cleaner than cardboard (no paper dust)
  • * Material is waterproof
  • * Lighter than many rigid plastic containers
  • * Reusable / Returnable – Multiple uses
  • * Easy to clean
  • * Flexible design
  • * Less expensive than cardboard on cost-per-trip basis
  • * 100% Recyclable
  • * More sanitary than cardboard
  • * Environmentally Friendly

Corrugated Plastic Container Styles

  • * RSC – Regular Slotted Container
  • * HSC – Half Slotted Container
  • * FOL – Full Overlap
  • * RELF - Roll End Lock Front
  • * DST – Design Style Tray
  • * RET – Roll End Tray
  • * RETT – Roll End Tuck Top
  • * SB – Shelf Bin
  • * NT - Nestable Tote
  • * CUSTOM